guided expeditions, technical climbing, and Seven Summits

David has guided and climbed the fabled Seven Summits on multiple occasions, including 9 expeditions (6 summits) to Mt. Everest. 5 of these expeditions were in the capacity of expedition leader and guide. Along with Seven Summits expeditions, David's guiding includes work for Exum Mountain Guides, Alpine Ascents International, and others guiding technical rock climbing, ice climbing, and a host of mountaineering expeditions throughout the world.

+ Carstensz Pyramid         

+ Kilimanjaro

+ Denali

+ Aconcagua

+ Elbrus

+ Everest

+ Vinson


Photography & Videography Expeditions

Assignments throughout the world for both commercial and editorial work focused on mountains and mountain communities.

+ Ganges

+ Working Title

+ Ubisoft

+ Eddie Bauer

+ MSNBC Explorer



David works as part of the Eddie Bauer/First Ascent guide and athlete team to design and develop their technical outerwear and gear. He is featured in many of their national print and online campaigns.


Speaking, Presenting & Leadership

Many keynotes, presentations, Everest simulations and leadership focused outdoor workshops.


Clients and Partners


Excellent experience! Professionally organized and executed. In my observation, we were the best logistically organized group on the mountain. It was a pleasure to be associated with our guide and team.

For my purposes, David excelled on giving us enough guidance to let us know what we should be doing, but at the same time not coddling or micromanaging us.

Kevin J

Dave is the best! A born leader with infinite patience, compassion, and praise.

Ron F

Our guide David Morton worked as a highly professional outfit that made the whole trip one enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Dave was very approachable and easy to get on with. He mixed in with the clients and did not exhibit any aloofness that some guides adopt. In summary he was an excellent guide.

Tony K

Dave is a great guide. His good natured spirit and confidence really helped bring the team together. By the time we left our team was the most cohesive, cooperative team I’ve had on a guided expedition. The cooperative spirit stayed with the team throughout the climb, with the team members volunteering to share equipment and/or take weight from other climbers as needed to make the entire team successful.

Eric P

Dave was excellent, I could not be happier, he really gave me confidence.

Joel C

Easy to get along with and has a good sense of humor but was always aware of and in control of the situation.

Jim E

David was outstanding in all ways we’d expected. His professionalism, knowledge, and willingness/ability to help make the trip fun and successful were appreciated by all of us.

Charles S

Dave handled every aspect of the trip with apparent ease and confidence. He was extremely attentive of the trip details- handling everything personally- and of the team members individually. He managed the team personalities with skill and professionalism.

On other trips I’ve found that some guides either don’t want to get to know the clients or aren’t comfortable hanging out with them. Dave was the opposite- relaxed, good natured and fun to hang out with.

His Spanish is excellent and his knowledge of La Paz, the mountains and even other parts of Bolivian and South American culture was very impressive. Even our local guide was impressed with how well he knew understood the region.

Steve W